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Let’s talk about pain

I want to talk about some things people might not fully understand about pain, especially when it comes to conditions like endometriosis and vulvodynia. These names suggest there’s inflammation involved, causing pain. For vulvodynia, it means pain in the private parts, especially during intimacy, making it uncomfortable.

Now, people often think chronic pain only happens after suffering for six or three months. But actually, it can start after just two weeks. It’s like your brain saying, “It’s too hard to manage this pain after two weeks; I’ll stop producing morphine in that area.”

There’s also a misconception about exercising during intense pain. Some specialists claim it’s beneficial, but I disagree. Exercising while in pain can actually worsen the situation because pain is a natural mechanism of the body to say “Something is wrong, and don’t use this body part”. While there might be isolated cases where exercising provides a slight relief, they are quite rare. So, my advice is clear: refrain from exercising when you’re in extreme pain because it’s more likely to make things worse.

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