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The Health Club

Ready to embark on your fitness journey? Join our dynamic health club community today!

Revitalize Your Health

Join the Health Club with Dr. Scott Fox

The health club is a health education program for people who want to learn more about true health and healing and who have decided to take charge and make change in their lives
Our Courses

Your Guide to Healthy Living: Tips, Tricks, and Expert Advice

Reliable Guidance
Reliable Guidance

Elevate Your Learning Experience with Us

6 Health Courses

You will be provided with over 6 Courses and 100's of lessons in those courses to learn all about your health

Weekly Health Tips

You will be provided with weekly tips from the health guru himself Dr. Scott Fox via video emails

LIVE Health Webinars

Scott will be providing all members with LIVE fortnightly Webinars for you to ask any questions you may have

Members Discounts

All members will receive discounts and all products and services and be joined into our private Facebook page

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