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LESSON 2: Basics for EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique has been around for over a decade and this video will give you a visual of where to tap on your body.

Starting with karate Point on knife edge of the hand in Acupuncture the name for this point is Small Intestine 4.

The second point is at the beginning of the inside of your eyebrow and this point is called Bladder 2 in Acupuncture.

The third point is draw the fingers from the inside of the eyebrow to the outside of the eyebrow and more to outside of the eye, this point is called Tai Yang in Acupuncture.

Then roll your finger underneath the eye and tap there, this point is called Stomach 2 in Acupuncture.

Then tap to underneath the nose and this point is called DU26 in Acupuncture.

Going down the mid line of the face below the lips and above the chin you will feel a crease and tap there, this point is called REN24

The collar bone point is really an extra point in Acupuncture but like Jessica you can stimulate the point by expanding the hand and tap on both sides. This point is near Kidney 27 in Acupuncture.

The next point is actually in the crease under your arm pit, Jessica says the point is a hand width from the arm pit, Dr Scott disagrees but it doesn’t matter, as long as you are in the vicinity it’s ok. This point is called Heart 1.

The last point is on the top of the head or cranium and this point in Acupuncture is called DU20.

That’s the 9 points.

Now to unstick your thoughts, remember while tapping say the problem and I accept myself or I love and except myself.

Now say even though I feel anxious I love and accept myself and tap the 9 points to change your thoughts.

Once you’ve done 1 side of your body you can do the other. Each point should be tapped for around 30 seconds.

Hope you enjoyed this video and see you in the lesson.

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